Hard to believe, but we've now reached three years since the soft opening of our server. I hope you've all enjoyed the last three years as much as I.

I was lucky enough to find what I believe to be the best kinship of them all on Day 1, but Second Breakfast is not the only kin celebrating a three year anniversary. Happy Birthday as well to our friends at Seeds & Stems! I believe Bricks & Mordor and Crickits may be the only other (non-alt) kinships still around from that first day, but I sincerely apologise if I missed anyone. I know many other great kinships got their start within the first month or two, so congratulations to all of you for keeping them going and thriving for so long.

I've enjoyed the days I've spent with so many of you, and I hope we have many more to come. We'll be holding a little celebration in a couple of weeks, so check back here for the details in the coming days.