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    octobre 2010
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    Brawlers - Ettenmoors PvMP Kinship

    Under no circumstances will I give up, for my ears are deaf to the word "cant".

    Brawlers was formed in July 2012 with the belief that the Free Peoples should unite and fight side-by-side by a set of rules. We are located on: Gladden, Elendilmir and Brandywine. Brawlers is an alliance of Men, Elves, Hobbits and Dwarves with the common goal of destroying the forces of Angmar and driving them away from Rivendell. Our Kinship caters to players who are looking for fights in a group environment. The social aspects of raiding together is as important to us as fighting in the Ettenmoors.

    We are an equal opportunity Kinship.

    To apply for Brawlers, please create an Application.

    - Level 85
    - Rank 13 Audacity

    - Loyalty: You can be counted on as a asset to the Free Peoples.
    - Mature: Childish and foolish attitudes are not allowed.
    - Excellence: Be the best you can be at your role.
    - Social: You must be willing to socialize and get to know your kinmates.

    - Voice Chat: You must be willing to download, install and use Vent.

    Trial Membership - If we can find a member willing to sponsor you, we will invite you and try you out for a week. Without a sponsor, you cannot get an invite. If we like you, we'll promote you to kinsman at the end of your week trial membership. If we find reason to dislike you, you will be booted during your trial membership without warning.

    Citation Envoyé par Brawlers Code (Written by Argilio and Ansi, Brawlers of Elendilmir)
    If a members knows about a member who has broken any of the rules in the Brawlers Code, it is their responsibility to report them to an Officer or the Kinship Leaders. If possible, please provide a screenshot or let us know the names of any witnesses for proof.

    Warning and Penalty

    If a player breaks a rule they will receive a warning from the Recruitment Officer.

    If the player breaks the same rule twice they will be immediately kicked from the Kinship.

    If a player has 3 warnings (all from different offenses) they will be kicked from the Kinship.

    Inactive Kinship booting: A character that has been offline for 31 days (1 month) will be booted from the Kinship unless the player lets the Kinship Leader know ahead of time that they?ll be gone for a long period of time (like a vacation or whatever).

    Vote Booting: To boot a Trial Member, 3 or more members must vote in favor of kicking them. To boot a Member, 10 or more members must vote in favor of kicking them. The votes will be made available to them. Votes are not kept anonymous.

    Your behavior in the Kinship will reflect upon your chances of Officer promotion when we are interested in promoting.

    1. You are required to leave a PuG Ettenmoors group if a Kinship group is underway/starting up.
    2. Sponsoring Players:
      1. Trial members are NOT allowed to sponsor players. You have to achieve member promotion first.
      2. During Trial Membership, the member who is sponsoring the trial member is responsible for that players actions. Actions made by recommended player (only during trial membership) will reflect on the member who recommended them.

    3. Concerning Multi-Kinships:
      1. If you have a character in Brawlers, you are not allowed to have a level 85 character in any other Kinship. Placing your low level alts in other Kinship is fine, but all of your end-cap level toons must be moved to Brawlers.

    4. Concerning the Natural Order of the Ettenmoors -- Conquering and Controlling is what the game is all about. Keeps, Outposts, Relics are meant to be fought over for control (which create fights). If you don't take it, you don't get to have it. If you won't fight for it, you don't get to keep it. Players must fight to take or keep. The Ettenmoors is a RTS/RPG hybrid (which is why the PvE is mixed with the PvP), and should be treated as such.
    5. Concerning 1v1s: We have nothing against fighting 1v1, but we do NOT support 1v1 areas (fight clubs). 1v1s should be created by happening to run across a Creep alone, not from a designated location or get together. Turbine doesn't support it, and we will fulfill Turbines request and not support it either. Also, you are not forced to honor 1v1s that you find; that will be entirely up to you. It's an open battle-field, and allies shouldn't have to fear to support allies.
    6. Members are expected to use a third-party voice program called Vent whenever you are in the Ettenmoors. In Vent - All members are required to put 'Brawl' in-between square brackets with their name following with a space between, like so: "[Brawl] Jonatham".
    7. Members are expected to continue work on the following: Virtues, Maintain Second or First Age Legendary Items, Landscape memorization: Surface, Delving of Fror.

    Replies are reserved for Kinship Updates. Please contact Ansi in-game or on Vent if you have a question/comment.
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    juillet 2007
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    oh, this should be fun.

    def gonna start playing my reaver more
    Dernière modification par 0987654321 ; 08/09/2013 à 01h32.
    Lugbur, R11 Reaver ./. Guthfred, R9 Captain ./. Guthblade, R9 Chamption ./. Muzluck, R9 Warg + Various other toons of different rank and class.

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    mars 2013
    I know right? Let the infamy flow.

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    novembre 2007
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    There may come a time for valor without renown, for those without swords may surely still die upon them.

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    novembre 2008
    Fence in Bree
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    Are you guys a roleplay kin?
    Mihiraa-Fallarden ~ Situational Awareness ~ Arkenstone
    Bunnytail ~ Terminus Venatus Triumphus

    Original Challenger of Gothmog x2

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    mai 2012

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    septembre 2007
    Where do I apply?

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    juillet 2008
    Washington, DC USA
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    Can't read font. May say

    Tsaurel/Telae - SVP



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