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    janvier 2011

    Great Goblin boss is now bugging

    I noticed on Brandywine a couple days ago we got to the boss on t2c... It was going ok up until the boss started Absorbing all damage and apparently we had to "kill his guards" except nothing spawned. We were just sitting there for a few minutes wondering what the heck was wrong and eventually restarted the fight.

    We actually got past him, and to another one of the bosses at the end, and it did the same thing all over again. I asked the tank to run around the adds and see if any of them became activated, but no, the fight was broken. Anyone else experience this? Is it common?
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    août 2007
    United Kingdom
    This happened to us too a few weeks ago, on Landroval.

    We sent a ticket in-game, but left after 15 minutes of absorbing.

    Some kin members have successfully completed it since without it bugging.
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    juin 2011
    North Carolina
    Did it last night (on Meneldor) without any issues.

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    octobre 2010
    Hamilton, NY
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    The second boss sometimes bugs if you're not standing directly on the throne when he spawns, for some extremely odd reason.
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