You developers let yourselves get bought out by Warner Brothers and now you are also letting their greed ruin this game completely. The numbers are falling. You're now resorting to stupid ideas like the bounders bags to market the next expansion. You see the numbers from your side, I see the players from mine and we both know whats happening. Your letting Warner Brothers greed kill the game! Your doing nothing but stupid decisions that are pissing players off and having them leave. More money, more money, more money!

Don't you friggen realize yet that its your jobs at stake here if you let greed kill the game? I lose a game, but you lose a job. Is that what you really want? In this economy?

Look, you developers are going to have to take a friggen stand against all of Warner Brothers greed if you want to save this game and your employment. I can't do it. You have too. Yeah it sucks. But if you don't stop them and thier greedy game killing bullcrap ideas from killing this game then you are the ones who are going to lose way more than I will. Want to play chicken? We both lose here. Or don't you see that yet.

You only have until January to try to friggen stand up for work and your jobs. After that, the year end numbers will come in and the 4th q 2013 number will come in and then it will be nothing but an uphill battle. Now, with this latest expansion and movie coming out, you might be able to save things. But if you do nothing but cower to Warner Brothers management constant greed then you might as well kiss your jobs goodbye because people will keep leaving in droves because you will keep killing the game to try to keep getting more money. You wanted to sell out to the big dog and now you are getting the horns. Stand up and fight for what right in the game or there will not be a game left worth playing and you will be doing so bullcrap job you hate. Don't count on trying to get another game development job in this economy, not in Boston anyway.

Ready to move to California or Texas? I hope so, because that's exactly what you will be doing in two years if you don't start standing up to Warner Brothers and their constant greed now.