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    juin 2011

    Something Has to Change

    Tonight, around 3:30am EST, Ost Dunhoth Wound Wing froze up on all 12 people in our T2 kin raid. Also, earlier in the night, around 2:00am, we tried T2 Flight to the Lonely Mountain. Again, all 12 people froze up at the same wave [4 summoners]. This experience in Flight T2 has happened multiple times for the past month or so now. After the server reset on Labor Day, we tried Flight T2 and it seemed to be alright, which is why we tried it again tonight. In my opinion, it ridiculous that playing around these kinds of lag issues has to be in a users skill set. It is also ridiculous that you can claim it is a non-server side issue when all 12 players lag at the same spots, multiple times in a row, on multiple different occasions, with varying levels of processing power. Something has to change.


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    mai 2011
    Dallas, TX
    It's not just with instances with large numbers of adds, either. We're starting to see BfE lag out when the trolls activate at the beginning of the fight. So we're not talking 10-12 mobs... it's *two*. The concept of Big Battles is making me more than a little nervous given the hiccups that are becoming more and more frequent.
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    octobre 2010
    Some of the lag lately has been horrible. If one or 2 people lag really bad that's one thing, but all 12 people? Flight t2 is pretty much unplayable so no one even bothers to run it anymore. I wonder if turbine is even going to fix it before the expansion, would be fun to try it out on level.

    At least we can run draigloch in the meantime.
    Nine lvl 85's, and people only want to run GB's...



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