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    septembre 2012

    How well does game data transfer?

    I am planning to buy a new gamer's laptop, but my question is: How well does my current saved data transfer? Will I still be able to have my four characters on my account, if I download this mmo on to my new laptop, or will they be lost to me on the new computer?

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    Everything is stored on the server, so you'll lose nothing!

    You may want to copy over the contents of your Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online folder to the new computer if you want to save your key bindings, screenshots, and any plugins or UI skins you might use.

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    octobre 2011
    Character data is stored on their servers, not locally. All your characters will be available on the new computer. There are some settings that live locally (screen shots you've taken, music files for LOTROs player music system, and your key mapping (the key mapping may have been migrated to their servers - mine is dated 11/12/12 and I know I've made changes) that live on your computer, but are files, and thus can be copied to your new one.

    I'm not an expert on such, but I do know your characters will be there for you on the new one.
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    You just have to copy files and do a couple of setup tasks:

    1. Copy ...\Turbine\Lord of The Rings Online to new computer. Anywhere.

    2. Run TurbineRegisterGDF.exe from CMD prompt to set the registry on new machine.

    3. Create shortcut pointing to: TurbineInvoker.exe

    ...and you're in business.
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