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    Trouble with choosing servers Landroval/Laurilen?

    I apologize for this threat topic because I'm sure it has been done a thousand times before this but I was wondering which server I should play on? I am a full subscriber and have all the expansions because I do enjoy the content of the game. My problem is I'd like a roleplay server, I hear that Laurilen has deeper and events that have more to do with lore along with the enforcement of the naming policy. The problem with this server is that I'm pretty much a day behind GMT/UK time and all the events seem to be scheduled around UK time. Are there any US friendly guilds? US events?

    Landroval has bigger and grander events but less storylines and lore based things but it is mostly based around US time which is a plus for me.

    Really I'd prefer to make my character on Laurilen but I feel the time zone difference will be too big for me to actually get any decent RP.
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    My suggestion would be to make a character on both servers. (Most people I know actually play on both.) There will be many gatherings, both musical and social, that aren't mentioned in the forums. You might stumble onto a roleplay group that suits your style and availability on either server. You should be able to find them without putting too much time into a character.
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    I agree with Xina. Landroval has plenty of immersive, lore-friendly RP as well. Both servers are fine places.

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