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    décembre 2009

    [Snowbourn] Marukhati Selectives

    The Marukhati Selectives are recruiting! A new kinship but that all important kin house is just a few weeks a way. We’re looking for mature minded fun loving players who are looking for an easy going and helpful kin in which to explore Middle-earth. Level 40+ and people who can understand clear spoken English on in-game chat is preferred. Looking to build for the long run, into level 95 and beyond. We mainly run instances at the level cap but can help with those approaching Moria where the game in my opinion starts getting real fun.

    The kin will be casual in it's manner and running of instances at least for now. No sign-ups just playing for the moment.

    If interested in joining and helping to make this kin a success, then please send tell to any of my characters :

    Rivalyn 100 Warden (old main)
    Icenie 100 Guardian (Main)
    Shellby 100 Minstrel
    Scyla 100 Hunter
    Mercadia 100 Captain
    Arkalia 100 Burglar
    Vilnius 100 Champ

    Where ever you decide to go have fun and see you in-game!
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    décembre 2009
    The Marukhati Selectives are looking for more peeps to join our ranks. The kin house is now almost fully furnished! We also now have a server set up in Raid Call and Teamspeak3 for chatting in kin runs or with friends.

    Being able to enable voice in game and understand spoken English is now required. Though microphone use is not. We are mainly focused on instances and Big Battles but these are still spontaneously organised and no commitments are required. All crafts are covered, though mats maybe required.

    Happy Gaming!
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