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    septembre 2013

    No longer boundled discounts in the Market for starter players?

    In the old market, I saw that if I were a starting player and tryed to buy "Samwise Gamgee's Starter Pack", then appeared a message on my shopping card which said that I could buy the old Triple Pack and a pack un Turbine Points with a discount. I thought that it would be a good deal, but I wanted to rise a few levels more.

    Now, with the new Market, I can't add items to a shopping cart, just buy single items, and don't get any kind of offer.

    Is this an error or simply a change?

    With this, prices have rised for me, so I think I won't spend all that money.

    Thank you.

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    novembre 2011
    577 is currently still active. If this is a deal which you were interested in, you may still take advantage of it.

    As for rolling out functionality in the newly-redeisgned LOTRO Market, I'll make sure to take your feedback to the teams involved.

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    septembre 2013
    Thank you very much!

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    mai 2007
    3 192
    Not to derail the thread, but having a "LOTRO Store" and "LOTRO Market" is a little confusing.

    If anything "LOTRO Store" should be "Store Specials" or something like that because nothing is actually being sold in it.

    May want to consider changing the main menu item "Store" to "Shop" or "Shop LOTRO", because people may confuse the whole thing with the in-game store. This will also allow you to add other items later on such as merchandise. And "Store Exclusive Steeds" should just be changed to "Store Exclusives" since there are probably other non-steed exclusives that can be advertised.

    Also, the store menu should read as follows (IMHO):

    Shop LOTRO

    • LOTRO Market
    • Become a VIP
    • Buy Points!
    • Store Specials (former "LOTRO Store")
    • Store Exclusives/Store Exclusive Steeds
    • Coupon Guide

    Just my two cents.



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