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    novembre 2008

    Question about the Quest Pack: Eriador Bundle

    Eriador Bundle Includes:
    Quest Pack:Angmar
    Quest Pack:Enedwaith
    Quest Pack:Eregion
    Quest Pack:Evendim
    Quest Pack:Forochel
    Quest Pack:Misty Mountains
    Quest Pack:North Downs
    Quest Pack:Trollshaws
    Also gives you access to 13 instances & 2 raids

    The question would be: what exactly does this pack has that the separate quest packs do not have?
    Because i have all of those zones quest packs and this bundle is still showing in my store window.
    What are those 13 instances and 2 raids that i need to get separately (that are not included in the zones quest packs)?

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    juin 2011
    If you have all zones already, I don't think you are missing on anything. The respective instances are included in their zones.
    The bundle is a separate product which, formally, you don't have and perhaps that's why it shows up.
    The instances' count (13) is before the split in some of these spaces. Formally they are now more (but similar amount of content).
    The 2 raids are Helegrod (MM) and OD (Enedwaith).

    Similarly to the Sam's starter pack - no use for me whatsoever, yet I see it.

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    juin 2011
    1 544
    Only thing I could think of is that it also includes Halls of Night, though that would already exceed the number of 13 instances. But I'd guess it's just another glitch in the store.
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    juin 2011
    I don't know if it's a glitch, maybe it's just another defined product. But since it is 'useless' for someone that has all these zones, perhaps the store should hide it from view.

    Instances like HoN and Inn of the forsaken are separate purchases (not bound to a zone) that VIPs get access to, and the rest have to buy them. Similarly to some skirmishes.

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    juillet 2013
    Orel. Russia.

    See column available. They pointed to what quest pack or expansion includes instance.



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