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Discussion: New Character

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    avril 2011

    New Character

    Im trying to get a new character, but can't decide on which one to pick. I want something new. So I either want a Burglar, Captain, Lore Master, or Champion. Any thoughts or opinions on what i should pick?

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    juin 2011
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    you might wanna give us some hints on what kind of playing style you prefer since each class is unique in its abilities use...

    champion very sturdy and great aoe dps and good single dps
    captain very sturdy many buffs and debuffs even healing abilities, not the best dps
    lore-master pretty sturdy, many buffs and debuffs and decent (AOE) dps
    Burglar CC, and great in pvmp

    and probably i forget still some things (have not played all classes)
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    Flixxer - Champion - Eldar - 54

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    juillet 2011
    Out of those four, I would choose Lore Master and Burglar because I love how they play.

    Lore Master:
    Pro: Can debuff/CC mobs and do some mean damage to mobs whilst your pets enjoy themselves.
    Con: Can be squishy and the 'good' skills come at higher levels (around Moria)

    Pro: You can wade through camps in stealth, killing/getting the objective and sneak out while other players must clear the entire camp.
    The Burglar has quite some tricks up his/her sleeve and has reasonable high survivability.
    When in the higher levels ( about 60+ ) the damage output starts to shine.
    You can start fellowship manouvres when you want.
    Con: Many players don't exactly know what a Burglar can do and often make the mistake that a Lore Master is better at debuffing/CC than a Burglar. Yes, a LM can debuff a group of up to 8 mobs with 1 skill, but has to face a long cooldown. The Burglar tricks only have a short cooldown and thus can be applied very fast to many mobs.

    Pro: Buffs! Groups love you!
    Con: Leveling a Captain can be slow because of limited damage skills and sometimes power problems

    Pro: Heavy armor and a high damage output
    Con: Other players think that Champions are less intelligent because they 'shing shing' their way through battle.

    However the most important thing is:
    It doesn't matter which class you choose, just be awesome with it. Know it, feel it, love it. Any fellowship/raid will want you if you are good with your class.
    A poorly played Minstrel/RK/LM/Burglar/Hunter/Warden/Champion/Captain/Guardian is a weak link in a group.

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    décembre 2008
    Middle Earth, Arda
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    You just mentioned 4 very different classes. Any ideas of what you want of your character?
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    février 2008
    I don't have much experience with the LM or Burg. A for the Champ, its a lot of fun being able to run through several mobs at once. You can tank, aoe, or single dps depending on which skills you trait. My main is a Capt and while his dps is weak compared to most other classes, its more than sufficient to play pve. I love how versatile the class is. You have dps, tank, and heals, once again depending on what you trait, but you also have access to a wide variety of skills no matter what. You can rez, buff, dps, stun, heal all in one fight. Another aspect I love is the ability to use banners and heralds. Heralds are like a persistent DOT, at least that's how I look at them. They also have 3 abilities to use, like the LM pets. They buff up nice, especially when you can get the oathbreaker. The hardest part of playing a capt is just being patient. You're not going to kill anything the fastest, especially if you don't manage your power. I would say if you like the idea of filling multiple roles in a group, or even solo, a Capt is a good choice. Just make sure you learn what your limits are and in groups, support everyone.

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    avril 2007
    Do not choose Lore-Master unless you want a huge challenge. It is extremely difficult to play especially in the lower levels and mid-20 range. It does get better the higher up you get but if you discourage easily you might not make it that far.



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