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    janvier 2012

    [EVENT] War Council - Allies sought for the defence of Erebor (( RP raid group))

    Hail, dwarves, elves, men and hobbits!

    The Lonely Mountain is under dire threat from the forces of evil. The kinship of Durin's Folk has decided to give aid to the defences of Erebor. This is a grave task. Durin's Guard will send only our very best warriors. We fear that our numbers do not suffice.

    We hereby seek assistance, from current to future allies alike. We need the very strongest warriors to ensure that Erebor does not fall. Together we shall reach our prime streangth and aquire the very best equipment.

    Representatives of all kins of the free people are hereby invited to a War Council. It will take place on saturday 7th of September 2 past the noon ((2 pm servertime)) in Glathflot homesteads, Thorin's Hall.

    Warlord of Durin's Folk

    ((OOC info;

    The idea is to put together an alliance raid group in an IC RP context. The long-term goal is to be able to do lvl cap Erebor instances on tier 2 or even challenge mode. Until then, we will grind a lot. In a matter of pure quantity this project will be pretty much all about grinding to make ourselves ready for raiding. We will need maxed out virtues, good armour and so on. This might require some dedication.

    We also want to keep this at least to a certain degree IC. There are plenty of raid groups out there, and there are plenty of RP groups out there, but a group that raids with an RP atmoshere is hard to find.

    Feel free ta ask any questions here.))
    Dernière modification par Alhvar ; 03/09/2013 à 11h20.

    Alhvar - General of The Blue Mountains Regiment



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