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    mars 2009
    Crestline, CA

    Question Savage Strikes/Feral Strikes not registering for deed

    Hi all, I'm working on some of the class/monster slayer deeds for my champion character. I am trying to obtain the deadly strikes trait for my champion, which requires me to use savage strikes 500 times. Feral Strikes replaces this skill when I train it, right? Well when I am trying to use this skill on mobs, it is not registering in the deed. I have only used it a few times today so I haven't used up my daily limit for this skill to register. Have I encountered a bug or something? I am really eager to earn this trait and the disappointment of having it not register for the deed it is assigned to is bugging me.


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    juin 2011
    'Feral' should work just as fine for the deed but make sure the mobs you kill are not 'grey' (too low level).

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    avril 2011
    As noted, greyed out mobs don't work for skill deed advancement. Also, if you happened to play after server reset (honestly can't remember if it is 3 or 4 am est) before logging, you may already have used your daily total



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