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Discussion: Missing Neighborhoods

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    Missing Neighborhoods

    Greetings Everyone!

    I am a casual player of LOTRO on the Imladris server and a good friend of mine who used to play but has not logged on for a good nine months asked me if I could check if his house was still there and if so take the things from it. Now I know there is little chance of the house not being put back on the market and that's fine and not what this thread is about. Before I got to that I encountered the problem I wish to detail here. Namely the Neighborhood my friend's house supposedly occupied did not exist.

    My friends address was 1 chestnut street wyrmlin and I can find no reference to this neighborhood except for a post on one of the many Housing Revamp threads in 2011.
    This leads me to believe that perhaps the neighborhood was deleted for some reason or other. If I'm right would someone be able to tell me what would have happened to the house and/or its contents?

    Many Thanks.


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    When Player Housing was first introduced not all neighbourhoods were in the game to start with. As all of a particular type of house got bought up in all the available neighbourhoods on a server the server would spawn another new neighbourhood.

    I would assume that with the new foreclosure system that this has been reintroduced and the completely empty neighbourhoods have despawned until they are needed again.

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    I am wondering how many people would vote for a way to move their house to another neighbourhood, if their house slot was empty there, just so they could fill it up.

    I left the game for awhile and instead of rebuying my house, if it was even available, I just bought a new one in the Shire instead in the busiest neighbourhood I could find that had a nice deluxe space open. There are some neighbourhoods with a huge number of vacancies, and I would rather have other houses filled up with fun decorations.

    It's very evident in my new neighbourhood that an Elf has moved in hehe



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