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Discussion: What Class and Race

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    avril 2011

    What Class and Race

    Hi. i wanna know what type of class and race i should pick. I would like to kill fast and later in the game be able to get a range attack, but not gaurdian or Hunter. I also have RK and Warden if that helps

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    mars 2012
    RK. Best DPS and ranged of the ones you list.

    Warden is more survivable, and they have a perfectly acceptable ranged attack, but ranged is not their strong suit. (However, they can kite, which Hunters cannot. But RK's can do that too, and perhaps better.)

    Loremasters are not bad at ranged DPS and (may?) have the best AoE ranged, and have a pet that allows engaging multiple enemies at long-range, but are not the best at survivability.

    (Oh - and elf/dwarf RK? Toss up. I suggest you make one of each on a diff server, and run them up thru Lvl 15 or so doing the Ered Luin/Celondim chain of quests (fastest) and EL deeds, just for the TP. Some players can't stand the look/sound of one race or another after a while - best to find out now, and earn some TP while you're doing it.

    If Warden, then Human if you're going to group, Hobbit if you're going to solo. If LM, pro'ly Human.)
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    champ can also get ranged attack and are a bit sturdier, though their ranged attack is not that great, dps is great and you won't die that fast...
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    Whatever you'd enjoy...

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    You can also attack from distance with the tactical classes so you can pick Lore Master or with Ministrel, since you already have Rune Keeper. Hunter is the only classified as ranged on this game.

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