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    I use Anvil Studio (free edition) to edit my midi's but I can't figure out how to increase the volume or decrease the volume in a track.
    I don't have Anvil available at the moment, but going from memory, there's a slider near where you pick the note length (quarter note, half note, etc) that lets you change the velocity of that note. I don't know how you change the channel volume though. You might want to start a thread about using Anvil studio; other people might be able to help you better and won't see your question buried in this thread.

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    I'm going to say a big 'Thank You' again Digero, as now our band can play a song at a proper fast tempo that we hadn't been able to achieve before due to a 'note too short' error. We'd tried a few ideas, but nothing worked until it was put through Maestro, which came up trumps, yay!

    One other thing I have discovered is that for clarinet the low C gets transposed up an octave, because technically it's out of range (it would happen for the horn to I guess). That's well and dandy! (except if you deliberately wanted the clarinet 'cough' sound )
    Cool! Yeah, Maestro will lengthen short notes (and split long notes) to make sure there are no errors in LOTRO, even if you crank up (or down) the tempo. Though LOTRO doesn't tend to handle fast notes very well; the note timing in game seems less precise (sloppier) than Maestro's ABC preview. So be sure to try those songs in practice with your band before performing them to make sure they sound good.

    And yes, Maestro will transpose the bottom two Clarinet notes (as well as the bottom Horn note and bottom two Pibgorn notes*), just like it does with notes that are out of range. There's no way to get the breath/cough sound using Maestro, so you'd have to manually edit the ABC if you wanted that.

    (* It'll also highlight in red any Pibgorn notes that will play at the wrong pitch: A#2, G#2, and A#4, but won't transpose them for you.)
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