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    janvier 2011
    So true...that's what I've been feeling since Rohan came out.

    I used to be able to reliably get runs...daily even for my mid-levels....and my kin had its golden age, swelling with active members and raiding like mad. I got the impression that Imladris just suffered badly and my kin also after the latest expansion, decreased activity just killed it for me.

    Now I log on every month or so, see like 5 on my kinnies out of 30 pages of them online, an empty glff channel and I log off.

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    décembre 2010


    I stopped playing lotro regulraly a while ago, then came back for couple of months and stopped again, but i log at least once a month to take a stroll at Ered Luin, or run through Moria, even spent half hour in the trollshaws and see the trolls that Thorin and company and Bilbo fought... i really miss the areas 1-65 in that game and bothers me that the lvl cap after Mirkwood expansion started raising so fast in so little time and the expansions only became 5 quests only for the story line and a raid....


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