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    janvier 2013

    Is crafting guild access account-wide?

    Pretty much what it says on the tin: if I get it from the store, do I get it for all my characters or just the one I bought it on? Thanks in advance!

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    avril 2012
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    you have unlocked that guild for all your characters IIRC. However only that guild. For instance I have a tailor with guild access, I could make another tailor and get access but there's very little point in that (crafted relics only afaik).

    if you would like the jewelers guild access or any other you gotta buy again. I'm unaware if there is a buy all guild access option or if that would represent good value in any case. they have to make money yes, but this is an aspect of it which erks me.

    hope that's all accurate, its my understanding from buying guild access recently. best to confirm by going to store with an alt and seeing if its still available for purchase. the info on the other guilds too should be illuminating

    happy gaming
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    janvier 2013
    Ah, I see. Thank you!



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