I'd love to see the store exclusive steeds' cosmetic stand-alone on the store. Sometime I want the head from one steed, the body from another one, and the gear from the 3'rd steed. With the steed bundle now, I have to buy 3 steeds = 6k TP, which maybe I'm not ever gonna ride. And even worse, they are not account share. I recently just rolled a new character. My poor baby burglar keep asking me why his brothers guard and captain and hunter... can have those cool steeds and it's really break my heart looking him riding on an ugly horse, which ruin all the nice cosmetic he's wearing. But after considering the steeds for awhile, I decided nah... that's just too much, I'm not gonna buy any more.

Why not selling the cosmetic bundle (not include the horse) and each piece alone? Or make them account share. I know that the steed cosmetic are some kind of trait, not gear so its hard to make them account share, but I think the devs can do it if they want.