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Discussion: Been away for a while

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    mai 2007

    Been away for a while

    Where is everyone? I was in Bree and it's surroundings, and also the elf starting zone. Only saw a few players in each. I haven't played in probably a year, but it used to be I'd see at least 20 or 30 other players in either area.

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    Oh don't worry the server's active. If I remember correctly, last year, this season, Nimrodel was the suggested server, that's why there were more people in starter zones. Nowadays most are spread to other zones. Make sure you /joinchannel glff so that you can see (some) of the server's grouping activity.

    If you are looking for a kinship my kin is currently recruiting, let me know.

    Welcome back! Have fun and see you in the game
    We Fight For Food Kinship - Nimrodel Server
    Visit our website or find us on fb :)

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    décembre 2009
    I took some time off as well for personal reasons and came back later as well.



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