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    février 2013

    Question Question regarding content in MERP

    Just to clarify I do not consider myself an expert on the lore of Tolkien's creation, though I know enough to get my bearings.

    So the other day I was brushing up on the lore using this guide (
    I then get to the section describing the race of men and noticed it describes a culture of men I've never heard about in my time of reading up on Middle Earth. The Dorwinrim they are called, in my curiosity I search it up on Google expecting to read a page of it on Tolkien Gateway or Lotr wiki. To my surprise no links to said websites turned up on the results, instead I found an article on the MERP (Middle Earth Roleplay) wiki. Eventually I found that they are originated from MERP and not Tolkien himself (at least to my current understanding.)

    This begs the question, is content present in the source books and used by MERP lore friendly to the roleplay that goes on in lotro? I know it's not entirely canon since none of it was made by Tolkien himself. In other words is it fair game if I want to play a Dorwinrim or decided I want to make a man originating from the crime ridden town of Strayhold?

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    octobre 2012
    MERP is not canon; if only to be polite to us-players-who-are-also-loretrolls, I would ask that you refrain from "name-dropping" any significant details gleaned from non-canon sources.

    I personally recall that the MERP materials were very "authentic in spirit" and, for the most part, of very high quality (in terms of scholarship, "sub"-authorship, and editing; even the selection of art and the production of maps and other "game-aids"). However, almost all of the supplementary material was tied to a "campaign milieu" which was anchored to that period of the Third Age just after The Great Plague: more than 1300 years before the War of the Ring.

    The MERP material is therefore doubly-damned: non-canon, and "woefully-out-of-date" as regards LotRO's timeline; for one thing, several great invasions of Easterlings have ravaged Rhovanion since the era therein-depicted.

    To be fair to MERP, Iron Crown Enterprises published it in the years before the publication of the HoME series: very little at all of any supplementary scholarship, at least that which could be considered canon, was extant and accessible.




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