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    mars 2010

    Craft alts and rep gating

    Hello, I was considering the options these days of making a couple craft alts to finally cover all crafting.

    I read this:

    Now is that the only case where recipes are rep gated?

    Will my craft alts be able to motor right up to guild recipes?

    Thanks for your help

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    juin 2011
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    There are more rep gated recipes than in that thread, for example added in Rohan. For the most part you don't need them (the gear recipes are generally the same as the guild recipes which only need guild rep). The one major exception currently are T7 and T8 crafting journal recipes for scholars, those are only available as reputation-gated recipes, which can be quite annoying when crafting high-end gear.
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    mars 2007
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    My last go 'round was a few months ago, but there are quite a few rep gated recipes throughout the world. A variety of fish-based cooking recipes are available in Forochel along with some cold weather clothing for tailors. Woodcrafter and jewelery recipes are in Esteldin. These are just a couple examples. All the rep vendors have a few recipes IIRC
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