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    août 2013

    What do your characters mean to you?

    Hi to all LOTRO fans. I’m doing a bit of a research, you see I’m very attached to my characters and I would like to ask you what is your connection to yours – are they just pawns for you to use and not care for them, your LOTRO self, or …; how do you feel about leaving them on the open while it is raining, in some place full of bad guys and so on; if your character could take you for a day in its world what do you think he or she will want to do (show you the best sights, talk, hang around or beat the living daylights out of you). Thanks in advance – the proud boss of Feanornas, Mitridis and Chrysoberyl(she’s of another server).

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    février 2012
    South Africa
    This is an interesting idea, good thinking!

    I try to 'look after' my characters as much as possible, unless something is really urgent. This is especially true of my main, Anionwulf. I think he would take me on a tour, showing me all the places he has ended up in the course of his travels. My alts are more just ways to interact with the world, but my main is truly a "character".

    If you are interested in this, roleplaying might be just up your street - it really brings the world and your characters to life
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    juin 2011
    My main, my lvl 85 hobbit minstrel, means a lot to me.
    She started out and levelled through a series of level caps on Laurelin, RP server and she took on an identity of her own as she found her way through Middle Earth. I'm very attached to her because I made all my n00b mistakes with this long-suffering hobbit. She's died so many times at my hand as I tried to get to grips with the game. She's been a PVP healer (also on Laurelin) and I loved every minute of it. I was in a light-RP Kin for a while and I wrote small stories of her adventures, based on questlines in the game. It made the whole experience much richer for me and brought her to life.
    Lately, my own life has got very busy and though I can play intermittently all evening if I want to, I can't commit to group/raid instances any more and can't commit to Kinship activities so I tend to play solo now.
    My main doesn't have the gear any more to survive in Ettens or in PvE raids so she is semi-retired.
    I love her story though, and I've carried it on in my head on Evernight.

    I started a band of crafting "alts" here and am levelling a hunter but I missed my lil hobbit minstrel so I've brought her over from Laurelin. She's having a sabbatical, running around collecting resources for my young crafters. They all figure in her life story too, in one way or another

    For now, I'm levelling her best friend, an Elven Huntress.
    But Maybe I'll pick up my hobbit again when Helm's Deep arrives and push her through another 10 levels >.<

    So yes - it adds another layer to the game for me to have some kind of back story that links my characters and gives some purpose to the journey to 85 (or 95 ^^).
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