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Discussion: War Steed Strength

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    War Steed Strength

    In reference to this thread,

    Just to be clear, does the war steed stat Strength increase the physical mastery of bow skills or steed skills such as trample, etc?

    If I stack Strength in traits and on the bridle does it increase the damage of my bow skills?
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    one way to test might be to check character screen mounted and unmounted if physical mastery goes up when mounted, then the war steed strength buff to phys mastery only works when mounted.

    I can't get in game to test unfortunately, I'm assuming if you hover your mouse over the war steed panel it actually says war steed strength adds to phys mastery in first place.

    IMO it should only buff mastery when mounted as to only affect bow skills when mounted, and imagine it works like that. Maybe someone smarter than I knows
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