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    juin 2011

    Retroactive discount is possible ?

    Hello Turbine,

    I bought a "Shared Wardrobe" upgrade on the store yesterday, just one day before the new offer (25% off price).
    Can I have a retroactive discount on this please ?
    I have to contact someone ?
    (I know that it's possible in some shops when they have some special offers).

    Like that I would be able to buy another one

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    juin 2011
    South Tyrol, sadly in Italy
    4 242
    Won't happen.

    You can also buy/earn some TPs, then you are able to buy another wardrobe slot ^^

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    avril 2007
    I cannot say that I have ever seen any MMORPG do this.

    It is kind of annoying, yes, that we get no more than a single day's notice - IF we know where to look - about the next sale items. But, it is what it is. More warning would definitely be nice, but I would never ask them to do a retroactive discount, not even if I made a purchase half an hour before it goes on sale.
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    juillet 2008
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    If it makes you feel better, when I bought Rohan, the next week it was on sale for half price. So 1500 tp I sort of lost.

    So now I don't buy anything unless it's on sale. At least not expensive stuff.

    (At least in theory, in practice, I have no willpower)

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    décembre 2008
    Middle Earth, Arda
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    If turbines give retroactive discounts for anytime players buy something before it go on sale, the players will have a endless supply of TP.
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    décembre 2008
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    Agreed in that Turbine will never give back TP once it has paid for an actual (though Virtual) item.

    I was someone who bought the Lone Lands Region on all my F2P accounts before they decided to make it free for everyone.

    I used to be cursed in general where I'd buy something, and then the very next weekly sale would roll out, and there would be said item, now on sale. The Tortoise Stone was my last such purchase after I had just bought either 3 or 4 for my main account.

    Would it be nice if Turbine let us know, say, a month's worth of sales upcoming in advance? Yes. Yet I don't see it happening, for the obvious potential profit loss reasons.
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    février 2012
    Other companies do retroactive sales, Riot for example with League of Legends I hear does them, but I don't know what their stipulations are with it.

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    juin 2011
    They had to do a discount on travel skills now - bought the journeyman pack 2 days ago



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