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    juillet 2007

    TP required for bank space?

    I'm a returning VIP player. I'm a bit disgruntled that after 120 bank spaces it requires TP for more. In my 14 years of playing MMO's I've never experienced a game that has you paying monthly and yet still nickels and dimes you for every little thing.

    Bank space per character is 995 TP per 15 slots. @ 500 "free" points per month it would take an entire year for 6 bank upgrades on ONE character. This is absolutely ridiculous. I can understand micro transactions but come on turbine, enough is enough.

    I'd be fine with a bank upgrade costing 50g to unlock instead of 5g. Some things just don't belong in a micro transaction and imo, this is one of them.

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    juin 2010
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    Only use your main vault for things bound to character. Find alternate storage for anything else. Housing. Alternate character's vaults.

    A character slot a far cheaper storage upgrade =)
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    septembre 2010
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    The simple solution is to quit holding on to tons of stuff. I only have 90 vault spaces and I periodically clean out whatever's hogging room so I don't need to buy more. Even 120 is more than you really need. Yes, it is.

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    septembre 2010
    I'm grateful we get 120 spaces without spending TP.

    Out of curiosity - what was the vault limit before FTP started?
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    janvier 2007
    Depends on which game I'm in :)
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    I'm grateful we get 120 spaces without spending TP.

    Out of curiosity - what was the vault limit before FTP started?
    120 slots, same as the number of slots you can buy with coins. 90 slots from SoA and then 30 slots added with MoM. None was added for SoM. The only vault spaces that require you to use TP are the ones added after MoM.
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