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    mai 2007

    Helm's Deep Burglar Revamp

    This is what I would like/anticipate the Helm’s Deep Burglar class revamp will end up being like. All of the %’s in parentheses represent how much they do to start with (first), and as trait points are invested. As there will be around 80 trait points at level 95, if I counted correctly, the amount of things that I have suggested to be upgradeable will not be suffice, but it would be a good start I think. Tricks are one of the biggest places I removed skills in, as I consolidated, and expect the devs to do so as well, the 5 tricks into 1 modifiable trick. The other way was by making it so some you didn’t have, or they changed based on your trait spec. As I have it, the blue line wouldn’t be particularly desirable, but the point of the revamp is to take separate roles, so blue is for surviving, and if you want, you can invest some points into the other trees to make it do more damage, or you could invest some blue points if you are another main trait line, and then you’ll be more survivable.

    Red: Damage
    Yellow: Tricks, CC, Crit
    Blue: Tank, Self-Heal

    Main Combat Skills:
    • [Stance skill benefits are auto-applied passively based on your point investment]
    • Stealth [Red: (-30,20,10%) speed; Yellow: (-40,30,20%) speed; Blue: (-40,30,20%) speed]
    • [Yellow?] Share the Fun
    • Diversion
    • (Burgle)
    • Reveal Weakness [Red: damage (+5,10,15%); Yellow: incoming crit rating, lower finesse rating; Blue: return damage as morale (5,10,15%) [You can only have a max of 3 points invested into this skill.]
    • Aim
    • [Red] Location is Everything
    • Surprise Strike
    • [Blue] Provoke
    • Subtle Stab
    • Burglar’s Advantage [Changes based on spec?] [opens the following 6 skills, only 2 can have points invested for]
    • [Red] Flashing Blades [high damage]
    • [Yellow] {Version of Flashing Blades} [medium damage, +5% crit chance for 10 secs or ?]
    • [Blue] {Version of Flashing Blades} [low damage, -20% incoming dmg for 10 secs]
    • [Red] Improved Feint Attack
    • [Yellow] Quite a Snag
    • [Blue] Lucky Strike
    • Well-Placed Strike
    • Exploit Opening [Red: (3,2) mins CD, +15% FM instant dmg; Yellow: (4,3) min CD, +15% FM DoT dmg; Blue: +15% power and healing, (5,4) min CD]
    • Touch and Go [Red: +25% evade, +15% dmg for 15 secs; Yellow: +35% evade, +20% crit chance for 20 secs; Blue: +50% evade, each attack evaded heals morale equal to (player’s level divided by 2) 30 sec]
    • Riddle [Red: stun 1 target 30 secs, 1 min CD; Yellow stun (1,2,3) targets for (30,35,40) secs, 30 sec CD; Blue: stun 1 target 30 secs, 40 sec CD]
    • Addle
    • Trick [-15% run speed; Red: (+2,4,6%) incoming damage, ? ;Yellow: (+5,10,15%) miss chance, (-10,20,30%) crit defense ;Blue: (-5,10,15%) outgoing damage, ?] [8 trait points can be invested into the trick]
    • Mischievous Glee [Red: heal 10% and 2% every 2 secs for 20 secs; Yellow: heal (10 or 15)% and 2%; Blue: heal 20% and 3% every 2 secs for 20 secs]
    • Clever Retort [Red: 75% chance to deal dmg effect, 25% heal; Yellow: 25% for each effect; Blue: 75% chance to perform healing effect, 25% dmg]
    • Startling Twist (and upgrades)
    • Hide in Plain Sight
    • Find Footing [normal; Red and Yellow: -10% incoming dmg for 20 secs; Blue: -20% incoming dmg for 20 secs]
    • Ready and Able [normal; Red: +10% dmg for 1 min; Yellow: +10% crit chance for 1 min; Blue: +10% incoming healing for 1 min]

    Random Skills:
    • Burgle
    • Safe Fall (Passive, cancels 20 secs of Falling Injury?)
    • Contact Pedlar?
    • Burglar’s Antidote
    • Escape Clause?
    • Track Treasure
    Dernière modification par pittcrew1 ; 21/08/2013 à 21h17.
    Baldigar, 105 Burglar on Landroval

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    juin 2011
    1 020
    If they remove my gambles like you did, my burg will probably be deleted.
    Dobb - Hobbit Burglar
    Thar - Dwarf Guardian
    R.I.P [DE]Anduin
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    septembre 2011
    AFK in Dol Amroth
    Would be interesting to see these tbh. Not sure if I like that RW or not :P
    Fellowship Hadacar: I now have a mental image of a little pea with a NE Patriot's logo painted on it.
    Professional AFKer.

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    juillet 2010
    In a galaxy far far away.
    Citation Envoyé par dwarfThar Voir le message
    If they remove my gambles like you did, my burg will probably be deleted.
    Personally I'm content with my burglar as it is, and I will be so mad if they remove my gambles! I'm not sure how much I like these class changes but only time will tell hopefully they are good changes.
    Aldrest R11 Burglar
    Motharan R6 Guardian
    Tormoth R4 Captain
    Langlegion Warden

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    juin 2011
    Citation Envoyé par pittcrew1 Voir le message
    I am QK burg, and I am only intrested in QK, also I hope devs will still encourage ppl to trait mainly in QK
    How to say I see your proposition coming in only one direction...
    Consolidation of tricks? Our main stuff should be tricks...
    Gifford brg // Clodvig mns // Clodas wrd
    Clodburz dfl
    Yes, english is not my native language.

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    avril 2011
    Citation Envoyé par Cliford Voir le message
    How to say I see your proposition coming in only one direction...
    Consolidation of tricks? Our main stuff should be tricks...
    The whole point of Burg is the tricks. Otherwise we're just Champs who can sneak.

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    mars 2011
    So the - slow % on the trick is now only 15%?



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