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Discussion: Miss my Warden

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    février 2007

    Miss my Warden

    Just came back to say "Hi" and whine a bit. (Sorry, you can skip to another thread now if it bothers you.)

    I've been playing Borderlands 2 (and enjoyng it a lot) when I was suddenly and unexpectedly hit with a wave of nostalgia for my Warden. I came back to this board to see if I recognized it or anyone posting, but even the forum format has changed. Then, I remembered every gambit my Warden knows has become three, and my enthusiasm waned. I'd love for them to have an "old school" server where I could play my old warden again.

    Oh well, back to BL2. (sigh)

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    juin 2011
    lately ?m trying for a comeback to lotro too..but RL intervenes..
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    juin 2011
    What a coincidence, after cca 400 hr in Borderlands 2 (Psycho with mellee build is the best char in the game ) i returned back to my warden, and i am enjoying it

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    avril 2009
    After getting married, moving and having a kid, I came back to LoTRO after almost a year. I didn't find it hard to figure out my warden again. Basically, keep your same old rotations but watch your stance. If you're soloing, go reckless, if tanking go determination. The stances just make the effects you would like to have in that situation better, but you lose some of the "secondary" effects or effects primarily for other roles. That is, if you're soloing and want a massive pull, switch to Det. If you find you want to do ranged DPS you can figure out that stance, but who really does that anyway?
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