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    mars 2007

    Elder Spirits is looking for a few new members. (Elendilmir)

    The time has come for Elder Spirits to add some more members. We have not had open enrollment for over two years. However, Due solely to real life events, we are now excepting a few new members. We run weekly raids and cover most content in the game. (Lower levels are welcome)

    Our member’s children can also join the kinship. Therefore, all kin chat is rated PG. If you are looking for a well established, family orientated, easy going kinship? You have found your new home.

    We have gamed together for over 10 years from EQ to DAOC and now LOTRO. We do have a code of conduct that must be followed. (Aka the Eula with no swearing) we have our own vent server, web site and kinship forums. We even have our own member’s only ASP photo gallery. (Woot! No Instagram or Photobucket spam!) We have alliances with several kinships and an in game alliance channel.

    If your on Elendilmir and would like to become an Elder Spirit please post here with your info and we will contact you.

    If you would like more information? Please go to the web site, read our story and check out the public forums (Note: your can not post until your invited to the forums.)

    Thank you for your intrest,

    Zyaxis - Leader of Elder Spirits!
    I see the world through rose colored glasses... now everything has a slight red tint with a hit of orange? I think I need new glasses?

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    août 2007


    I am very much interested in a kinship, I am a returning player coming off a 2 year break. I am currently leveling a LM at level 18 but I have a 75 so I have some experience with the game. I have Moria and Mirkwood expansions but nothing after those. I play almost every evening from 7-11pm central time(central US). I am set up for voice and luckily I am off work today(Thursday 8/22) so I can be reached off and on in game. Toons name is Stagnant. I have never been a raider, nothing against it just never did. I enjoy crafting and plan to really concentrate on those with my upcoming toons. Hope to hear from you.

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    janvier 2007



    Thank you for your interest in Elder Spirits! My name is Sumrela, I am one of the officers/raid leaders of the Elder Spirits. We are a family kinship and we like to have a lot of fun, but we do have some rules. They are mostly pretty basic but we do request that you read over them in case there are any questions. They can be viewed here: under New and Prospective Members and then Elder Spirits Code of Conduct. Our recruitment officer is Melda and she or one of our other officers should be contacting you this evening in game. We hope to see you soon!!
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    août 2013
    I am very much interested in joining the kinship. I'm a fairly new player to this game, but have been playing mmorpg's for a long time now. In prior games i have been leader of large groups of people so the idea of playing as a group is nothing new to me. I usually play between 2 and 4 hours a day during the week and on weekends my play time varies depending on my schedule. I am currently a level 32 elf hunter with and in-game name of Caelonna, just playing on my own and have been looking for an active kinship. I would appreciate the opportunity to join and show you all what I can do. Thank you

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    décembre 2008
    I too am interested in a kinship, Its been a while since I have played the game but I started back in 2008. I am 24 years old and a very out going and fun guy. I'm not sure what I am going to play yet as far as class because at the moment I am trying them all out to see what I enjoy the most now. I will be starting from scratch although I have a level 70 RK on Firefoot. I have a lot of other mmo experience from many other games and I really just want a kin for people to talk to and enjoy the game with. Do to my job I am available every day after 3ish and will play a lot if I have a good kin and fun people to play with. Hope to hear from you!



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