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Discussion: Mounted combat skills

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    juillet 2012

    Mounted combat skills

    I've only played mounted combat as a hunter but often times i will click on a skill and have to wait a good 5 seconds before it gets used. Some i give up waiting and use a different skill then click back to the skill i was waiting for and it fires.

    Is this a server lag? or an induction time putting in place under certain circumstances?

    My kill shot skill can sometimes fire right away when i click on it or it takes 5 seconds to fire and during this waiting time im just circling my mob getting hit.
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    décembre 2011
    I remember that, while most ranged skills can hit any target in range, kill shot won't fire if the target is in your back so if you turn a bit to get your target to your side or in front of you it should fire.



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