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    août 2013

    Greetings from a new player!

    Hello folks, I'm giving LOTRO a shot and I also like Role playing, hehe my screen name here was composed of the title of the chapter, An Unexpected Party and Dwarf. Anyway I'm just making myself known around here. I come from World or warcraft and I would like to ask how much different are Dwarves are from the WoW Dwarves such as naming and culture, though I suppose culture is round about the same or you could point me to a Lotro Dwarf Role playing Guide.
    Thank you.

    I looked up a Dwarf name generator I got Thoradgi Mormak is this accurate naming of a tolkien Dwarf? or do I get such surnames such as Brassbelly or Bronzebeard etc?

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    décembre 2010
    Welcome! To get right to it, Dwarf surnames come from deed and/or appearance, so surnames such as Silverfist and Stoneaxe are the most common. Depending on what type of dwarf you plan to rp, and how heavily you choose to rp, then I would recommend choosing a dwarf clan and reading up on some of the following sources, especially if you want to rp a Tolkien dwarf, rather than the ale-swilling Jackson dwarves, and as much as I enjoy the films, they give a rather lacking and poor interpretation of the dwarves.
    Sources: : Good on Dwarf behaviour : I wrote this one, and while its not exactly great, it gives a fair history behind the seven dwarf clans : Essay on Khuzudul

    I hope this helps, and, depending on what server you're heading to, I'd be happy to rp with a fellow dwarf, (Landroval) and an acquaintance of mine also plays on Landroval, and hes seeking to form a dwarf rp kin, as am I. There is another dwarf rp kin on Landroval, though the name escapes me, Khuzud Belkul, maybe? If you head to Landro, send a message to Frorolf. Whatever you decide, and where ever you go, I wish you good luck!

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    août 2013

    Can I join in?

    Could I get in on this Dwarf RP kinship? I am absolutely in love with RP in MMOs I really think it increases the experience and frankly I lack in friends so some times I do frankly get lonely trudging the world alone. And I think MMOs are best played in a group of people. And I was looking for a good reason to make a dwarf seeing as how just recently I wrote a dwarf story for my book. And am really I guess enjoying them, any reason to adventure with others so amazing to me.



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