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Discussion: threat indacater

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    juillet 2010

    threat indacater

    are there any plugins out there that can help show you the amount of threat you have generated?

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    juin 2011
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    are there any plugins out there that can help show you the amount of threat you have generated?

    [url][/url] Saruman 6-man
    [url][/url] Warden Survival

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    décembre 2010
    Nope, you got to figure that out through testing.

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    mars 2011
    This is a big part of the art of tanking that can only be gained by experience honestly. The only threat related indicator is a little symbol that appears over a npc's head when you get threat on a target initially or it changes targets. When tanking a group I know I will be less aggressive with threat. I will be more aggressive with threat when I am uncertain or lost agro and had to regain it. At 85 and with the proper traits 3 eob's should be enough initially I simply insert an eob and an aggression here or there to keep up my threat lead. So the concept is build a big lead and add a little here or there as needed to keep your threat that is the best we have to work with. Frankly , I think it makes tanking more fun not knowing your threat level really.
    Welleg , Kelleg, and Gelleg - Crickhollow
    WARNING: leveling a warden may cause you to neglect your other characters.



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