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Discussion: Physical Mastery %

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    novembre 2011

    Physical Mastery %

    I have lvl 50 Warden, i noticed when it was lvl 45 that Physical Mastery rate is : 7050 gives me 40% for Melee and ranged dps, when i increased physical mastery to 8010 it still gives 40%, i thought it might go higher when i get to lvl 50, but i was wrong, it still 40% when i got to lvl 50
    so i posted this to see if any one have any explanation or idea how is that happens, I'm so annoyed. i dont know if this system mistake or pug on my toon or what..
    so pls i need help

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    août 2007
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    a really long, detailed explanation for how just about every stat is converted to percentage, and what it all means.

    The really short answer to your answer is that, physical mastery, and basically any other stat goes through an equation, and part of that equation is being divided by your level. So as you level up, you need a higher rating to maintain the same damage bonus.

    The good news in all this is that itemization has been at least slightly modeled around this, with items at each level cap being slightly more powerful relative to your character level than those of a previous level cap. While this generally holds true, since its unlikely you've decked yourself out in rift/Helegrod raid gear at lvl 50, and are probably equipping purple/yellow crafted and quest rewards items, the damage bonus works out a little more hit or miss, depending on whether a quest chain you did had good rewards for you or not.
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    novembre 2011
    i saw this thread, and checked the formula {% = Yo + 1 / [1 + K/(R/L - Xo)] } which is simplified to {%Offense = 0.002667*R/L + 0.0074} result several times
    here is the results for my max Physical Mastery (8010 pm) and lower Physical Mastery (7472) on lvl 50:
    for max PM (8010) : %Offense = 0.002667*8010/50 + 0.0074 = 0.4346534 ~ 43.46% >> while in-game says 40%
    lower PM (7472) : %Offense = 0.002667*7472/50 + 0.0074 = 0.40595648 ~ 40.59% >> while in-game still say says 40%
    for any lower PM the formula and the in-game result are kinda same. so the equation is kinda trusted.
    my point is why the 40% cap, this is what i asked to know at my main post, but thnx for the reply anyway



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