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Discussion: dpsing

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    septembre 2010


    Hi, I read the post about loremaster tanking, and realistically speaking this can only be done through dps. A lot of people said they would go for very high tactical mastery to get their damage up but I did some stuff today that out my crit up to 10k unbuffed which is 22.6%. This really increased my DPS, I think I got about 1.7k dps on the boss of school so single target - I out speed a DPS guard and a tanking mini. What I didn't realise is that it put my tactical mastery down to about 26k which is about 99%. my Q is should I take out some crit down to a reasonable level to get my tact mastery up, or try and get my tact mastery up but not sacrifice any crit -doing this won't get my tact mastery nearly as high. say if I had 40k tactical mastery but only 6.5k crit would my DPS go up or down??

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    août 2012
    Our DPS is somewhat based on our DoT. So imo for LM and even fire traited RK you should go for more Tact mastery than crit rat. I think u can easily get to 33k tact mastery with hyt armor and some teal drops or wild jewls. With some work u can get over 40k tact mastery and thats when things take a really tasty turn.

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    juin 2011
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    You could take the middle path and get 34k-35k mastery and still have near 20% crit.
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    octobre 2012
    LM dps depends somewhat on dots and fire skill crits. Since we get +25% crit multiplier for fire damage, I try to get as much crit as possible. For moors I get 20% crit chance before proc and 22,5% with. I'm not too satisfied, because my warden can cap crit without cappy buff. I could get higher crit but I would sacrifice too much survivability in crit def. My mastery is 30k unbuffed.

    So, try to get high crit, since your main dps skills and dots benefit from it more than mastery, because of the crit multiplier.



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