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Discussion: Angry Rant

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    octobre 2010

    Post Angry Rant

    FREAKING WOW RAWR AHHHHH.... Okay just kidding, this isn't an angry rant, sorry to disappoint.

    I hate forums posts because they're long and boring, so i'll skip to the point >> Random 1vs1 circles = Best. So I'm not sure if this is a frequent thing since I left, but since I came back, I've noticed 80% of the time when it's a rez/grams camp or something boring. Freeps/creeps don't hesitate to turn it into 1vs1s "depending on which freeps are on". Even lately I been encountering times where you'd run into a group and instead of zerging or getting zerged, you give/take a 1vs1 chance. So yeah respect to both sides for that, it's the little things like these that makes it fun.



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    mai 2011
    CJing You
    look whose back i advise u to not repeat ur old ways
    Favorite sang of all time : [url][/url]
    Give meh teh rep!



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