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    février 2009

    Ozzie time zone players

    I see there are a couple of ozzie groups here, I am new to LOTR currently Hunter L22 and a premium player, looking for others preferably in my time zone to do the smaller raids with as I work up the level chain.

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    avril 2007
    Sunny SoCal, USA
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    I definitely recommend taking a look at the Aussie kinships that have advertised here on the forums. That said, it's a little dead at the moment pre-expansion; you'll likely find the population significantly increase once HD rolls out.

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    mars 2007
    Queensland, Australia
    but yes this IS the oceanic server, we all banded together back in open beta and chose this server
    Braggie - dwarf Guardian

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    août 2013
    Good to hear, i'll study them some more



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