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Discussion: Kin House Issues

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    novembre 2011

    Kin House Issues

    My Kin House went into Escrow maybe 4 months ago and at the same time leadership for the kin was passed to me. I immediately paid the maintenance up until October and things have been good since then. That is until today. I logged in and got an escrow notice about an item I had in the kin house. I then went to the kin house and noticed a whole load of the items that were usually in there are no longer there. Anybody got any ideas about what just happened?

    I should point out that I did not own all the items that went missing. So if someone logged in and got their items returned to them like I did I could imagine where the items went. The question I have is why now? What triggered this to occur?

    Any insight would be muck appreciated


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    Does anyone else in your Kinship have decoration permission?

    I believe, but I'm not totally sure on this, that if someone tries to remove or replace a decoration item that's bound to another player then it automatically gets sent to that player's Escrow. It could be that someone in your Kinship tried to remove the items in question for some reason.



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