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    mai 2011

    warLeader corruption/trait help?

    hello party people I was wondering if anyone could give me sum tips and general ideas on sum good corruption combos for a rank 4 warleader? and any class traits that are worth traiting first? thanks in advance party peeps
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    juin 2011
    Waterford, Ireland
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    I run with 5 corruption ratings and morale for power 2. It allows me to max out my tactical crit chance without using the sixth corruption rating. Using five corruption ratings has a slightly lower critical magnitude rating, but considering that your critical chance caps at five crit ratings, I feel that the morale is much more worthwhile.

    For class traits I bounce between a solo DPS, solo healing, and grouping build. If I am going solo DPS I use traited Black Speech and Menacing Roar with traited res and bubble disabled, if I am going solo healing I trait bubble and the snap HOT. If I am grouping I trait my res and my bubble, as the snap HOT is virtually nothing in the face of the DPS of a substantial group of heals, and is thus most useful for leeching with heals when soloing. I keep shield mastery, harsh language, power of fear and enhanced quitters never win traited at all times, as they are useful both when soloing and when grouping, in almost any circumstance.



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