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    août 2013

    Medium Armour Helmet , lvl 38-45 model could it be changed a bit?

    Most items in Lotro especially crafting ones are aesthetically very pleasing to look at without the distorted analogies and BS most MMOs have.
    There is however an exception, this helmet:

    The main body of the helmet is really nice, good details, lovely structure.
    And all this awesome work is ruined by the feathers.
    When I first saw it I thought "Bugs Bunny Helmet" .
    Now seriously this is a good model. But the feathers don't let it be as good as it would be.

    With a little gimp help I move feathers into a different position:

    Could we ever have this helmet changed a bit. I am sorry to talk about such minor details but hey it's details that make the difference in the end of the day.


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    juin 2011
    It indeed brings to mind Bugs Bunny.
    I've never equipped one of them out of pure principle.
    Withywindle: Hargorin, 85 GRD; Tharwil, 53 CHMP and a whole lot more offspring

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    septembre 2010
    I'm for keeping it personally, it helps with the white rabbit look for one of my hobbits.

    If you dislike it so much find a helm that you do like and equip it cosmetically so you don't see the "bunny ears".



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