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    novembre 2011

    Is there a high level woodworker who could make 4 Symbols of Agility please


    We are 2 female hobbit burglars (sisters) and have managed to reach level 61 with large amounts of fun on the way.

    We have Minor Symbols of Agility on our weapons and tools (found them on the AH).

    We now need 4 of the next level Symbols of Agility...level 61... (2 for each of us). Would anyone be kind enough to make them for us please.

    We are online in afternoons on the Gilrain server. My character name is Mitzie.

    If a woodworker would be kind enough to help, please send me an in game mail. We can pay for materials and time.

    Thanks in advance.

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    décembre 2010
    4 338
    I suggest trying the local /trade chat channels.

    Also find out what the global chat on your server is: commonly /joinchannel glff for US servers and /joinchannel globallff for the EU servers but there will sometimes be others in use. To talk to these channels, see where they are located (will say Userchat 1 or 2 or the like), check the filter on the chat tab so you actually see that chat and then type /1 (for userchat 1) to type to that channel.

    It's also entirely possible this post above will get more views from someone playing on Gilrain if you post in the forum for that specific server.

    Hope it works out!



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