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Discussion: Transfers are back!

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    avril 2011
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    Transfers are back!

    So its time to move on to another creep server, crick was a nice place to visit I enjoyed my limited time here. Notable is the amount of people who approach the game casually much like I do. I appreciated that the most, nothing makes me smile more then people who pontificate about being good at a video game, someone has to get my coffee I suppose..... Anyway will be around from time to time wont move everything at once. Few shout outs: Guido, thanks man you made the game fun. One of the reasons I logged on daily was to be in your raids and listen to your stories, great player, good person. Skatuk, thanks for being cool and getting the schitict, our convo's were good. Trahai, you are one hell of a WL excellent player. To all the freeps I trolled, I spent little to no time thinking about you before or after the fact it was merely a mechanism to enhance the game for me personally. Whether you believe that or not isn't that important but if what I am told is correct, there are a few who took it personally. Its of no consequence to me if you were a drunk and beat your family, id encourage you to attempt to excel at something outside of a video game, short of that I have nothing, thanks for the lulz. I want to especially thank Quaq and Murkatop it was refreshing to hear and bare witness to two young men unafraid of their feelings for one another and develop a deep rooted and nurturing relationship. Even today your probably chatting one another up in OOC, its that genuine courage that made being in BAMF such a treasured memory for me. When I look back on my time on crick the affection and connection you two developed for one another was completely unexpected. For the most part young men in today's society are still homophobic but you two provided a rare glimpse into the affections modern males can express freely to one another. Don't stop being who you are, no matter how awkward it might become to admit the obvious anyone who has grouped with you sees and can hear, its that courage to continue on as a couple that is really cool to see. Thanks for that, I find MMO's to be interesting social micro cultures and both of you gave me a unique insight into a sub culture of American males I wouldn't have otherwise had.
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    septembre 2010
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    It has been an experience, gl

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    septembre 2010
    So this is the new forums eh? worth all the totally.

    Oh yeah...I was posting in reply to Thorgrum --- Well I decided to poke my head back in the game a wee bit...Brandy is still pretty non-stop, Crick is still pretty 1v1 or nothing (or zerg) from what I saw in the two or three hours I poked where are you going anyway? If you end up on Brandy throw Freepstalker a tell and let's eat some hobbitses together. No, that's not a courageous overtone you're sensing, just think it would be fun to kill sheet with ya.

    Good Hunting,

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    avril 2011
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    Arkenstone will be the next stop. Im going to have to be a bit more serious and elevate my game to average status, crick it wasn't really necessary you could spam claws. Literally id be logged in for 5 seconds and have a raid invite it was intoxicating in its simplicity but I lost about all the knowledge I had from soloing the first 8.5 levels of my warg. I know this will seem hard to believe, but there was a time I was actually a decent mouse turning warg, I got lazy, the play on crick didn't help. Anyway both you and Nifroth are good people, good players. Thanks for taking all the trolls in the spirit they were offered, not everyone got it. Good luck in your game play and remember, the moors is serious business.

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    décembre 2010
    well, glad you got some enjoyment out of your time on crick. and good luck on your next server
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    février 2007
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    Anyone who uses the word "pontificate" is sure to be a great loss.

    P.S Most of Arkenstone is transferring to Crick...



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