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    juin 2011

    Is this just me or...?

    Where's my Summerfest Horse that I got two years ago? My sister has lost the ones her alts had, I've lost the ones my alts had... I have the Pale Golden Summer Horse, but the Summerfest Horse is missing :'( What happened to it? I've tried to find something out about it, but cannot?

    Apart from that, thanks for a wonderful game!

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    juin 2011
    I would say send a ticket in game, maybe a GM can help you with your lost horse. I've not heard of any of the festival horses being removed as of late.
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    juin 2011
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    It was removed for everyone at the start of this year's summer festival.
    They put it in the store at that point and something went wrong.
    Word is they are aware of it and trying to fix it.

    You can complain in one of the many threads started about it in General Discussion.
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