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    juin 2011

    Wish list, my 6 things I would love to be considered in the revamp.

    1. Unrestricted placement of items. (You can still limit the number of items per property, but we could place/position them freely)

    2. Increased number of items allowed per property. (Within reason ofc)

    3. Larger neighborhoods with more house style choices, would love to see lots of different style builidngs.

    4. Crafting facilities within our homes.

    5. Larger/more storage available and bound items allowed in chests.

    6. PETS, I want my dog/cat/rabbit to live with me.

    I know, I am probably late to the party and I am sure it has been done to death before but it takes me a while to put pen to paper.

    If you were limited to only 6 wishes, what would they be?
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