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Discussion: Active RP Kinships?

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    Active RP Kinships?

    Greetings my fellow LotRO players. I had just come back to the game after a few months of absence and noticed how quiet the server had gotten. So I visited other servers and dilly-dallied around with different characters but after all the time and effort I put into my level 51 Warden, I hate to just abandon her and leave her for another server. So here is my final attempt at giving Imladris another shot.

    Are there any RP kinships here? I see there are RP events but I'm looking for more of a story-driven, continual, RP group. Light to Heavy RP, makes no difference and doesn't have to be extremely lore-driven either.

    I'll do my best to check this thread on the forum but if there is such a group of people and they're interested in adding a woman warden from Rohan to their ranks, please, send a mail or tell to Feadwynne. Thank you!
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