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    avril 2007

    Linking up LOTRO-Wiki with the Lotro forums

    Is there a way to do this, I know it seems like a waste of time to... but... not all players, especially newer player know about LOTRO WIKI.

    Just a link tab next to the Lotteries tab that would direct you to Lotro Wiki for all of our "Lorebook" needs, I think it would make this forum design....uh... helpful.

    It just seems like the forums, now, is just a place to vent anger about connection problems, or ask about the next expansion, or My account got hacked, tolkien this, tolkien that...etc...
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    février 2007
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    I doubt they'll do "official" links from here to a 3rd party website. Perhaps a link could go into one of the stickied threads at the top of the new player forum, though.

    If not, both Google and Bing will often return as the first result when searching for stuff having to do with LOTRO. Try "lotro" and "traits", for example.


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    juillet 2012
    one problem with google search is the lorebook still is linked inthe searches making broken 404 errors and for me the lorebook shows before the wiki.

    would be nice to have a wiki tab, or have lotro acknowlege the wiki on their main site somewhere in the community page. A lot of effort is put into it, a few other games i know do this, hell they even set up there own wiki first and link the editors with the players forum accounts for a more connected community.
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