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    novembre 2009

    Unhappy Why remove certain pages that are important?

    The new LOTRO website is cool but why remove the page where it shows all my characters, and the page where you can find the list of virtue traits and their location where you have to go to get the deed, and the page where you can look up a kinship's name....or a character's name...ect ect....? It sucks that those pages are not there, I really use those pages, if its there where is it?.



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    avril 2011
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    Lotro Wiki is your friend

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    février 2007
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    Features which were loading the character database too much or were proving too expensive to maintain with their current staffing levels were removed when they moved to the new forums. Remember, they had layoffs last fall which weren't related to short-term work (like testing an expansion), and that has consequences. is a good resource. As for the rest (character inventories, character sigs, etc)... most of it's gone for good. The API that supplies character data to LOTROHerald and similar apps is apparently still functioning, but it won't be updated, won't get fixed, and will eventually be turned off.


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    décembre 2007
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    I have to agree. Lotro-wiki was always better than the Lore book. Information in terms of raw numbers was about the same between the two, but lotro-wiki had more detail in terms of advice, plus easier to navigate, and amazingly faster. The only thing in the lore book that I miss is the overhead zoomable maps (ie, google style) but those hadn't been kept up to date anyway and were very slow.

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    novembre 2009
    Ahh now I see why that sucks, I have to save that website now lol Thanks guys

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    avril 2007
    Gallifrey. I need a Jelly Baby.
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    Oh is that thing gone? Good riddance. Someone stalked me in game and used that chart to find out where all my characters were. I ended up putting everything on anon. It was a hassle.
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