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    juillet 2010

    Light Caparison of the Norcrofts won't show

    Hey guys,
    for the last three or four days, my normal 'outfit' for my horse, the Light set of the Norcrofts, will show every other piece but the Caparison. While it's not a huge deal, it's still pretty annoying.
    Does anyone else have this problem, or a possible solution? I've tried mounting/dismounting, changing the appearance of the horse while mounted and dismounted, taking all the 'armor' off of the horse, putting it back on, etc. Every other caparison works but the Light Caparison of the Norcrofts. my Entwash, Sutcrofts, Rohan set, and my Spring Festival sets all work.
    Is there any kind of solution or fix? Like i said, it's not a huge problem, but it's just annoying.
    Thanks everyone!

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    janvier 2007
    4 Wending Way, Haremead, The Shire
    I don't have a solution, but just so you know that you're not alone -- mine isn't showing up either.

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    janvier 2012
    That happened to me as well, but I haven't figured out a solution yet :/

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    mars 2007
    happened to me too - bugged it. You should as well.
    <Landroval: Gawaine (Lvl 85 Hunter) ~ Muddvayne (Lvl 85 Burglar) ~ Fealasse (Lvl 85 Loremaster) of Hobbitual>

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    septembre 2010
    I've had that problem with my Warden (Caparison isn't showing up) and I've tried everything...removing it and putting it back, switching to a second cosmetic tab, and so on, and nothing works.

    I've also had an even more annoying problem with my Hunter's Warsteed; she won a cosmetic set during the spring festival and at first it was lovely, the entire set was red. Now when she mounts up the head piece is still red but the caparison is blue and I can't change the color. In addition, the flag decoration seems to be permanently stuck on there, as it won't let me remove it. Let's just say she looks rather weird riding around on a half-blue, half-red horse, lol.

    I'm wondering if this isn't a bug that surfaced after the last update, as I can't recall ever having seen it before.



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