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    Physical descriptions of elves?

    I like to draw but I have always kept away from the elves of LotR due to not knowing what they look like. Is there perhaps a website somewhere where people have gathered all known info about how different elves look?
    It's hard to add colour to images if you don't even know what hair colour someone has, or if it's short, long, curly or straight XD

    I'd be interested in knowing if elves of a certain area is known for having a certain hair colour, and also about specific elves. Would be nice if there were more descriptions than of hair colour, of course

    I'm guessing Glorfindel would have golden hair? What about Thranduil? I think I remember hearing about some red haired elves too.

    Maybe there isn't many physical descriptions of the elves at all?

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    Best source I could find, online, that actually had sources labeled out:

    For specific characters themselves, like Glorfindel and Thranduil (both blonde) I recommend looking to character bios and the like online if you are looking to save time and not flip through the books.

    I once had a link that listed the hair/eye colors of all characters and quoted passages for proof but unfortunately I cannot seem to find this link at the moment.
    Edit: Never mind! Found it, thank you WayBack Machine! Links on the page work as well, which is very nice.

    RIP ELENDILMIR • Jingle Jangle
    : LAERLIN (Bio + Drawings) • LAERWEN • OLORIEL • AETHELIND (Bio + Drawing) • NETHAEL

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    Wow, great links! Just what I was looking for! Thank you so much!



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