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    juillet 2010

    Been trying to make this outfit for an age help please?

    Hey all,

    Righty I've been trying to make the same style of outfit over my two spells of playing LOTRO and not had a whole amount of luck.

    Basically I want to find something that looks like plain plate mail that will take white dye well. I'm going to combine this with the cloak from the summer festival with the massive sunburst on the back (can't think of the name) in order to make a kind of Children of the Light style character (from Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time Series if anyone doesn't know the reference).

    So anyway does anyone know of any armor set, or specifically just a torso piece, that looks like plain plate mail and takes white dye well?



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    décembre 2011
    EDIT: Read plate mail as chainmale, my bad. From what I've seen there are a lot of plate mail options but I have no idea how they dye as I only have one nooby toon who wears the stuff. I will keep an eye out though.

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    septembre 2010
    You might go thru the cosmetic blogs that various people have to find the "Look" you are looking for. There are a few that seem to be what you are looking for ( from my perspective ) of what that armor should look like.

    Big fan of WoT here so I'm always on the lookout for pieces of gear that will give the look.

    I'd start here:



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