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    mai 2007

    Kinship for Older Players?

    I just returned after a couple of years off and created a batch of new characters on Vilya to get reconnected with the game. I'm looking for a kinship that is seeking more mature (that is, not simply 18+) members. Also, it should be one with a name that has some connection to the lore, or at least has the flavor of Middle Earth to it. I'm looking for kinmates who are friendly, casual and chatty, and don't care too much about raiding or end-game progression.
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    avril 2007
    Currently~ Northern VA
    I sent you a PM Welcome back to LOTRO!!
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    mai 2007
    Portland, OR
    Welcome back! Check out United Races.
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    octobre 2007
    Mckinleyville California

    who you calling

    Hugs. Briannas add to friends.



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